Thursday, July 13, 2006

"No Rights For You!"

Combining Organized Religion and Government is like combining horny college students and booze - someone's going to get screwed. I'll give you three guesses who's getting the shaft this time. In South Bend, Indiana (home of Notre Dame University), a measure came before the city to pass an ordinance banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The proposal came at the recommendation of the Human Rights commission and was supported by a number of agencies, groups and individuals, including the mayor. And while you would expect this to be a no-brainer, the measure was defeated 5-4. Defeated. That's right, the city council of South Bend, Indiana decided that the LGBT community should NOT be protected from discrimination, violence, abuse and persecution. How do you do that? How do you sit there and listen to someone say, "please help us, we're being beaten, killed, oppressed, spat upon, threatened, harassed and discriminated against." And then turn to them and say "No, we refuse to help or protect you." Where do you get the balls? Of course none of this would be necessary if the federal government would add sexual orientation to the list of protected classes, but you might want to try to jump from here to the moon in a single leap, your chances may be better. So what does this have to do with Organized Religion? Unfortunately everything. All of the anti-gay rhetoric comes from the church. Not from laws, not from any danger to society or people, it comes exclusively from Organized Religion. Every lawmaker, politician, school board or political action group that has anything whatsoever to say on this subject is interjecting religion into government - plain and simple. There is no other reason than that. You are free to go out and find me an atheist who thinks homosexuality is morally wrong and has some non-religious justification for that belief and then we can talk. Go on, I'll wait. No luck? The government and it's agents are put there by the people and for the people. To protect and serve as the police motto would say. To blatantly and unequivocally say that this particular group is undeserving of that protection, then you are creating a sub-class of people. I would then suggest that the LGBT community as a whole should be alleviated from any federal taxation, since they would appear to be living without the protection of the government and thus unable to enjoy the benefits it allegedly provides. But in truth it is people like the 5 members of the South Bend City Council that should be stripped of their citizenship for selling out their neighbors. And I sincerely hope that they never need anything from anyone in the LGBT community, because they certainly don't deserve it. So in closing, any law, statue, ordinance or other regulation that has at it's core some prohibition or discrimination against gays is exclusively religiously based and as such should have no part whatsoever in the government of any jurisdiction in this country.


Blogger The Lone Rangers said...

Its just sad that this is still happening in the 21st Century but then again what do you expect from the cultural mecca that is South Bend?

Hell I think I'M too dark to live there...

7/14/2006 12:05:00 PM  

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