Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1 Part Government + 1 Part Religion = Molotov Cocktail

When will we ever learn that politics and organized religion don't mix? Well, probably never. In yet another shining example of what happens when someone gets into a position of power and decides to let the world know his personal wisdom. So in a living testimonial to the truth of the phrase, It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt, I give you Marcus Kindley, Chairman of the Republican Party of Guilford County, North Carolina. I encourage you to read the entire thing. I've already discussed his homosexuality = pedophilia comment over on True Persecution, so I wanted to shine the light of reason on some of the rest of this nonsense. First "The Chairman" reminisces about the good ole' days when everything was a Norman Rockwell painting and I presume when blacks and latinos and queers stayed quiet and segregated where they belong. He talks about violence and "justifying all deviance through the prism of relativity" as the reasons the world and our neighborhoods have become unsafe. So how did all this happen? It's because the church does no longer hold sway and does not have the ability to teach right and wrong anymore so people are just running around everywhere willy-nilly. I appreciate that he wants to take credit on behalf of the church for the knowledge of right and wrong, but I hate to break it to you, but every church and every religion could disappear tomorrow and people will still know the difference between right and wrong. They seemed to know the difference for thousands of years prior to the onset of the Christian, Muslim or Jewish faiths, and they will know it for thousands of years after. Right and wrong do not come from church, they come from society, and every society must decide these for themselves - but they originate in tribal culture, not the church. If Umlak kills Urgh in some ancient Mesopotamian tribe, it's wrong, not because some priest told him so, it's because now that Urgh is dead, there is no one to make spears to hunt for meat for the tribe, because he was the spearmaker. Furthermore, Urgh was well liked and make nice pictographs in the cave in weekends and will be sorely missed - THAT'S why it's wrong, the church had nothing to do with it. By the same token in another part of the world, in another tribe, this might be perfectly acceptable - who's to say what is right - there was no Bible - how could these societies survive without good moral teachings? It's because society dictates and people decide. All organized religion does is try to interject their thoughts into the mix and TELL other people what is right and wrong as they see it, despite the fact that they could figure it out on their own. All this ends up doing is creating strife and conflict. They like to talk about right and wrong, but in truth it's all about control. Organized religion is designed to control, just like conservative politicians are there to control. They are afraid of personal freedoms and choices and case by case interpretations because it non-only destabilizes their ability to control, but also encourages people to think for themselves as individuals and as a society which is not only threatening to the controllers, but their vehicle of control (The Church) as well. Look no further than this statement and you will see the truth: "Our churches in trying to be everything to everybody has failed to discriminated between right and wrong. If there is no right and wrong, but only gray, then there is no need for God or Laws." Well you are half right anyway. Don't worry about the laws, they will take care of themselves, but you are right - if people are free to make decisions on their own, then the do not need you to tell them what to think, do or believe. And I'm sorry, but God has nothing to do with it either, it's the church and organized religion which is in peril. Organized Religion and Politics are a bad match. For now, remember that the good ole' days weren't always so good, and we can work to make new good ole' days by letting people build a society that incorporates fairness and equality and truth - provided you can get your rhetoric, propaganda and organized religion out of the way longer enough for it to happen. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from "The Chairman" in the future, but one word of advice for Marcus Kindley from his friends at Disorganize - next time you want to interject your religious beliefs into your political dogma - remember that religion is personal, and keep it to yourself.


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