Friday, June 30, 2006

One Small Step for Equality, One Giant Backlash for Bigotry.

It started off with some good news. Arkansas' Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling overturning a ban on homosexuals serving as foster parents or adopting children. Because we all know a drunk child molester will always be a better parent than someone who is gay. The court cited studies and evidence used by the lower court in making their determination. "These facts demonstrate that there is no correlation between the health, welfare, and safety of foster children and the blanket exclusion of any individual who is a homosexual or who resides in a household with a homosexual."
The court found that there was no validity to the arguments made by opponents of gay adoption, noting that: Children of lesbian and gay parents are just as well-adjusted as children of heterosexual parents; Being raised by gay parentdoesn'tsn’t increase the risk of psychological, behavioral, academic, gender identity, or any other sort of adjustment problems; Being raised by gay parendoesn'tesn’t prevent children from forming healthy relationships with their peers and others; There is no factual basis for saying that gay parents might be less able to guide their children through adolescence than heterosexual parents; There is no evidence that gay people, as a group, are more likely to engage in domestic violence or sexual abuse than heterosexual people; The exclusion of gay people and people with gay family members may be harmful to children because it excludes a pool of effective foster parents.
What an amazing turn of events - especially in Arkansas, where you would not expect rationally minded folks when it comes to an issue that is EXCLUSIVELY motivated by organized religion and it's beliefs. Sounds like things are moving in a more thoughtful, critically thinking direction...or are they? Only one day later, the Governor of Arkansas, Mike "I don't heart" Huckabee, has declared that he hopes the Arkansas legislature will re-impose the ban, since passing a law is the only way to overturn the court ruling. I particularly liked this passage from the court,s ruling: "the driving force behind adoption of the regulations was not to promote the health, safety and welfare of foster children but rather based upon the board's views of morality and its bias against homosexuals." That's right folks - these people would rather discriminatenate against gays than take care of children. And they call themselves Christian. I'm sorry, but when you consciously choose an agenda of hate over the welfare of children, I fail to see how you can say anything about family values or morality. It seems odd and particularly ironic that the group that claims to be the morally upright will of the people is really no better than skinheads or the KKK. How do you wake up in the morning and say "I hate fags so much, I'd rather see children endangered than let them do anything to help." There is a great scene, I wish I could remember the film, where a white man has a heart attack and he is revived by a black man who performs CPR, and in gratitude for having a black man save him, he says "You should have let me die." Sounds eerily similar. That's right kids Skinheads = KKK = Christians, I guess three is company after all. Let's all pray. Another lovely tidbit courtesy of your friends in organized religion. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

James C. Dobson is a Bigot.

Here's a shocker, James C. Dobson has written a editorial for CNN decrying the U.S. Senate's second failure to pass a federal gay marriage ban.

You can read his Hate Speech here. I thought I'd share the commentary I sent to CNN regarding this piece of garbage:

"While I always enjoy the comments of Mr. Dobson for their comedic value, I wanted to take a moment to comment on this particular piece. Excepting the fact that this "editorial" is filled to the brim with rhetoric and Christian conservative agitator propaganda, I wanted to point out that this diatribe, apparently designed to show that the American people want to ban gay marriage , doesn't address several key questions. The key to this kind of discourse is to give people just enough to get agitated, but not actually address anything of substance. For example, I like how Mr. Dobson chose to liken the "fight" to ban gay marriage with the fight to ban slavery, but somehow glosses over the idea that by championing anti-gay discrimination, he's actually engaging in the very same behavior that William Wilberforce fought against. Also conspicuously absent is any kind of discussion of why gay marriage is so harmful to the institution of marriage. To my understanding, gay marriage, which has gone on for over a year now in Massachusetts, has not had any impact whatsoever on any non-homosexual marriages in any conceivable way, with the exception of Dobson and his friends being unable to persecute an entire culture of people on that particular point in that particular state.

And if marriage was designed by God, I'd like him to prove it and produce any substantive evidence that his rhetoric is anything more than that or forever hold his peace.

The fact is, evidence is mounting everyday in support if homosexuality being biologically based, so discriminating against gays and lesbians is no different than discriminating against someone because their skin is darker or their eyes are a different shape. Then again, Dobson and his associates have no compunction against ignoring science when it conflicts with their Bible on the issues of human biology and natural selection, so I'm sure they won't be bothered by any science on the subject of homosexuality either."
There is nothing Christian or family oriented about bigotry and discrimination. But herein lies yet another example of how organized religion is the enemy of everyone. The only reason Herr Dobson has seen fit to spew his message of hate is to churn up his brain-dead followers into voting for and supporting things they have no knowledge whatsoever about. And if you are one of his brain-dead followers, I DO mean to offend you, because you are offensive to the world. And if you believe in God and the actual teachings of the Bible, you are offending him to - see you in hell, sucka! Disorganize 'em All, Let God Sort 'em Out!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What does this tell you?

Here's just a quick post to ask a question: Take a look at this story. So what does this tell you? Certainly a deity who help Moses part the Red Sea and swallow up the pursuing army could easily ask some pesky rain clouds to shove off so that there could be a glorious and inspiring Christian Music Festival. Should we assume that this group is not favored by God? Or perhaps their members were sinful and this is their punishment. Or maybe it's just the simple fact that sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn't and sooner or later it is going to rain on your parade no matter what God you pray to. What do you think?

Man Law

We've been picking on the Christian aspect of organized religion for a while, so I thought we could turn the laser beam of truth on our friends the Muslims this time. You may have seen the new beer commercials featuring Man Law, but the idea of laws just for men go all the way back to Islamic Law. The people that brought you criminal dismemberment and genital mutilation are back and spreading their mysoginistic ideology throughout the world. Get a load of this. Now aren't we taking this a bit too far? But this is no surprise to anyone, especially where conservatives and traditionalists are concerned. Just like in this country you have conservatives who think people should have to wear certain types of clothing or be prevented from wearing others, we have yet to get to a point where the bible and the law are on and the same (although many many people are praying for that to happen). In Islamic law, the law and the Koran are on and the same and women always lose. Don't forget this is the same law that supports women being stoned to death for adultery and homosexuals being murdered. And now we have people being picked off the streets and deemed prostitutes because they chose not to wear some traditional dress predetermined by some other men years and years ago. All this suggestive clothing, lewdness, and prostitution charges all stem from the same belief - that men are weak and women are evil temptresses. That's right the mere sight of a women's flesh is enough to send any reasonable man into a raping frenzy that is completely beyond their control. Well that sounds like the work of God to me. Once again we have the dangers of organized religion right here in our face. Doesn't all this sound like someone using religion to justify some deviant behavior? Let's see, I raped the girl next door, I know, I'll make sure to spin it amongst the scriptures so that it's not only her fault, but I end up completely blameless - BRILLIANT! Organized religion simply gives the architects of that religion the ability to make up whatever nonsense allows them to have the most freedom, while taking that same freedom away from somebody else. It is selfish, manipulative and underhanded and if there was a hell, these people would be the first ones in it. But to me the biggest tragedy is that they've now gotten women to buy into this crap. That's right, now you have women pushing for genital mutilation of their own daughters as well as being the first online to chuck stones, somehow brainwashed into thinking that this is God's will. What a crock. I don't know if you recall the story from last year, where the woman took her husband to court for beating her. Sounds good right? Well unfortunately she wasn't seeing justice or a divorce or protection, rather she was requesting that he stop beating her every day (as is his right as her husband of course) and only beat her every other day so she would have some time to heal and also get her work done around the house. And all because a bunch of guys got together and invented a religion just for them. Beware of organized religion folks, it can kill you.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Magic Formula.

It was Pride Weekend here in Atlanta and everyone was out - literally. As we drove around the park, we saw about a dozen protesters in short-sleeve white shirts with black ties - holding up signs to anyone and everyone like "Real Men Marry Women" and a lot of lovely thoughts about sinners and burning in hell. It was a scene that would make anyone angry - one weekend a year folks get to publicly celebrate and these jerks have to come balls it up. It's bad enough they get to celebrate themselves every single week without incident. I wonder how it would go if a bunch of gays hung outside the church every Sunday with signs reading "Jesus was a fictional character" or "Persecution is a Sin too" or "Love Thy Neighbor" So it was with great interest that the Christians in Philadelphia were calling "foul" when they themselves were harassed and threatened by a group of gays who were trying to enjoy their own Pride Festival in peace and these Christian folks turned up. You can read the story here. While I certainly wouldn't advocate violence, I do think that if you choose to be an intolerant, persecuting jack-off and do it publicly in the face of the very people you are persecuting, you should expect an unpleasant reaction. So these folks are upset that the police didn't go after the gays who were expressing their outrage at what, for racism related laws, would have been considered "fighting words". To me, the Christians should be happy that they are not all in jail for discrimination and persecution. So the head of this "Christian Fascist" protest group was threatened with physical violence, well I hate to break it to you Mr. Hypocritical, but telling someone they are going to burn in hell for all eternity because they choose to live differently than you sounds pretty damn violent and threatening to me. So by the same token, wouldn't they have to arrest any member of this church who threatened any kind of consequence for homosexual behavior? While this debate will undoubtedly last forever, one thing really stood out for me, and it was this: "You don't get to heaven by being a good person. You don't get to heaven by doing good things. We have all violated God's law, and the only hope we have is found in Jesus Christ." Now it makes perfect sense - being a god person or doing good things has nothing whatsoever to do with being a good Christian. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ and you are good to go. It sounds like a magic formula to me. So in a nutshell - you can cure cancer, bring about world peace, save 100,000 children from starvation, and be the best friend, neighbor and parent that anyone has ever seen, but because you are gay or not Christian, you are going to hell? However, you can be the most ignorant, intolerant, hateful prick in the universe and spend every waking moment spreading hate and lies and openly discriminating and persecuting an entire culture without ever doing one socially redeeming thing in you life, you are still going to heaven because you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior. How charming. So does this mean Gandhi is burning in hell right now? Makes you wonder. Now let's suppose that organized religion was the criminal in this case (which it always is). Suppose you were not allowed to gather to promote a religious belief or cause and could only practice in the privacy of your own home - where you were free to believe and advocate whatever you like, just not in public - do you think you would have the kind of rampant nonsense and mass idiocy afflicting such a large portion of the world? I think not. Don't legalize it, Disorganize it!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bible First, Rational Thought Never.

One of the biggest dangers of organized religion is it's requirement of abdication. Abdication of thought, rationality and reality. You are expected to forgo your own thoughts beliefs and experiences in favor of those handed down to you by church leaders and the Bible. But how could a book hodge-podged together almost hundreds and hundreds of years ago be expected to be valid for every aspect of modern life. How can a series of stories and parables written before the discovery of science, dinosaurs and new worlds hope to possibly seek to explain everything in the world? It can't...THE END. So it is with enjoyment that I hear Pope Benedict naming moral relativism as the greatest threat to the modern world, when instead, the greatest threat truly comes from his own church and it's global brothers and sisters around the world. Let's take a look: Here are a list of a few of the greatest man-made tragedies in our current world: The Taliban blowing up ancient Buddhist statues The Israeli/Palestinian conflict 9/11 The war in Iraq and the ensuing insurgency The War in Afghanistan and the related insurgency and crime The Atrocities in Darfur in the Sudan Global Persecution and murder of Homosexuals worldwide harassment and murder of doctors and patients related to abortions This is just a small list of what's currently going on. Now from this list, let's select all the ones that are caused by moral relativism. hmmmm. Now instead lets list all the ones that stem from organized religion and moral rightness. So it would seem that a side by side comparison would make a pretty strong case that if you had the choice of running into a moralist or a moral relativist in a dark alley in the corner of the universe, the smart person will go with the moral relativist. The big difference and why moral relativism is such a threat to organized religion is that a moral relativist looks at each choice or situation and has to make a decision based on the available evidence in light of the situation - in short they are required to think for themselves - something the organized religions do not want anyone to do. Thinking leads to questions and questions lead to unanswered questions and illogic and pure unadulterated nonsense - which unfortunately is antithetical to everything organized religion has going for it. Here's a little tidbit to point out what I'm talking about: Take a moment to read this article. Here are a few key thoughts that I found particularly interesting: “Postmodern spirituality will draw from almost any source,” he said. “If a perceived spiritual benefit can be achieved then the practice is considered valid regardless of whether or not it is in the Bible.” So what they are saying is that you should exclusively follow the Bible regardless of whether it is spiritually meaningful or not. Wait, wasn't the pointreligionigon to provide inspiration, spirituality and be uplifting? Wouldn't this be in direct opposition to their stated purposes? Let's see some more. “People believe that something they perceive as so beautiful spiritually must be right and they get into heresy." (Heresy! Yikes!) "You must evaluate enjoyment by whether or not it comes from God," he said. “A spirituality that emphasizes the spiritual [experience] heavily is in danger of disconnecting itself from sound theology. Really? So are you saying that your religion is not spiritual? It sounds like having a moving personal spiritual experience is potentially hazardous and could lead to heresy (which they used to kill people for in case you forgot). But why alhubbub hubub? Wouldn't people having profound and moving spiritual experiences actually be a positive thing? How could that be heretical? Here's your answer: "...experience must not trump biblical theology in determining what practices benefit the entire being." Let that one sink in for a minute. He is saying that no matter what your personal experience is, if it is not in the Bible, it doesn't count - and the Bible knows better whats good for you than you do. How do you like that? So armed with this rationale, how do you think he would respond to someone like Moses who supposedly had a profound and moving personal experoutsideutside of the bounds of the then accepted religion, or Mary or Abraham for that matter? Sounds like a slippery slope, but let's take a closer look. “The Bible is the measure of the validity of any spiritual experience, and if an experience is not validated by Scripture then there is a conflict,” he said. “Every one of our spiritual experiences should be inaugurated with the Bible or be informed by the Bible."it particularlyticularly fascinating that he is demanding evidentiary support from the Bible for any spiritual practice, while deflecting any questions about the validity and lack of evidentiary support for his own religion) “Scripture tells us that the Bible is profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” he said. “If Scripture is not profitable for you, the problem is with you, not with Scripture. The Bible also claims that the practices taught in it are sufficient for spiritual life. Any benefit that someone finds from a non-biblical practice at best is not necessary.” And there you have it. If you don't like something in the Bible, then the problem is you, not the Bible - the bible knows all and anything that is not in there is not necessary. But why would a faith purport this belief? If we take a look at what's behind it, then we start to see the real purpose. This is why organized religion is the biggest threat to the world. The only purpose to this line of thinking is to get you to NOT think and do exactly as you are told. Furthermore, since the Bible is the ONLY recognized, valid source for spiritual information, then whom do you suppose wouldarbiterssole arbitors and controllers of that information and how it is used? Why the very church that has duly appointed itself God's representatives on earth. How convenient. So if you want to have a deep, profound, spiritual experience you better do it on your own time or you might just find yourself committing heresy. Religion is personal: keep it to yourself. Disorganize now!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

No News Is Good News.

One of my goals with this site is to show the pervasive influence of organized religion on the world. What's the big deal? The big deal is that religion or spirituality is a personal matter that each person is free to pursue or not pursue as they see fit. When organization sets in, rules are soon to follow - rules that everyone must adhere to. You can only be a good Christian if you follow all the rules, as well as vote Republican, hate homosexuals and do, say and believe whatever your church leaders tell you to do. What do you think would happen to a group of good religious Christian people who up and decided to not hate gays anymore? They should be free to do that shouldn't they? After all, they are still good Christians...or are they? You need look no further than what is going on in the Episcopalian church for your answer. A segment of the church decided to ordain gay bishops and all hell broke loose - up to and including a potential split from the main body of the church. I find this particularly amusing considering the fact that the Episcopal church began because they(or Henry VIII more specifically) wanted a divorce and the Pope wouldn't give him one, so he started his own church. And from those humble beginnings, rooted in the foundation of GOOD CHRISTIAN VALUES, they get all in a tizzy when someone has the audacity to do the very same thing. So I ask you, does this division help the world? Does it feed the hungry, cure the sick or build community? But I digress. As I began to do research for this site, I noticed something very interesting. I started by doing some google searches for "Christian News" overwhelmingly these sites were all right wing evangelical sites whose primary "news" was showing all the ways the poor helpless Christians were being persecuted. From there I went on to look for "Religious News" and "Religion News." Here you would imagine you would get news about religion, and you'd be right, all the way to the right to be exact, as lo and behold it was more of the same. More Christian-only right wing claptrap. Not global religious news, not news about religions of the world and their goings on, but more persecution and propaganda spewing. This reminded me of an Eddie Izzard joke where he makes fun of America for winning the World Series every year. Since Christianity is the ONLY religion, all religious news must be for them. But here was the interesting thing, there is no corresponding phenomena from other religious sects and/or philosophies. Searches for "Buddhist News", "Hindu News," "Atheist News," or "Wiccan News" didn't turn up any sites about propaganda or persecution. There were only a handful of sites at all, and they were dedicated to reporting news ABOUT the religion, and most of it was positive and none of it was propaganda or dogma and none of it sought to deride or malign or marginalize anyone - unlike the other ones. The Muslim and Jewish news sites were more international news, albeit from their perspective, but still "real" news about the "real" world, not obviously slanted, edited or fabricated nonsense geared only to agitate. This is the function of organized religion - it does not promote goodwill, equality, understanding or global citizenship it promotes division, inequality and intolerance. It only loves money, mission and conversion. It's only goal is to spread like a virus to attract more money and more missionaries and more conversions. If you want to truly be a good Christian or Muslim or Jew, practice your beliefs and keep them to yourself where they belong. Lead by example without looking for credit for your God. If a god is truly God, then he or she doesn't need your money, your approval or your vote. Disorganize Now!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Welcome to Disorganize!

Disorganize is all about organized religion and the danger it poses to everyone. Atheists, agnostics and other philosophical viewpoints have long criticized, attacked and derided the religious for their beliefs. I have done this myself on many occasions. But what I've come to realize is that people are free to believe whatever they want no matter how idiotic, ridiculous or unsubstantiated someone may think it to be. If I want to believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe and worship it by consuming a large bowl of penne al arribiatta, then that is my choice and it doesn't hurt anyone. However if I then get 10 people to believe the same thing and then embark a mission to convert the world to deific pasta worship, then that's where the problems begin. This blog will be dedicated to discussing the dangers of organized religion and highlighting the many negative impacts of this practice both historically and in the present. I will also attempt to show how pervasive organized religion is and the direct impact it has on business, government, politics, education, culture, art and the environment as well as every aspect of our personal health, lifestyles and well being. I promise it will be funny, scary and hopefully crystal clear that Organized Religion is the enemy and the only hope we have to be free to believe or not believe whatever we want is to DISORGANIZE it. Religion is personal - keep it to yourself.